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Our containers are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of British Standards and Specifications (BS 6920 2000) and are accredited by the Royal Scientific Society (RSS).

Containers Specifications

  • Materials used:

  • polyethylene (virgin and food grade)

  • color, odor and taste-free raw materials

  • Hygienic, smooth interior - with black inner coating/insulation to prevent bacterial and residue formation

  • Solid, flexible and weather resistant

  • Easy to handle, install, maintain and clean

  • Available in different dimensions, capacities, sizes and colors - up to three layers

  • Available with different lids - including 45cm flab covers

  • Entitled for up to 10 years warranty

Products may be customized according to client color preferences.


Our containers are highly flexible of Calcium Carbonate, which assists in increasing endurance against usual handling and installing impacts. However, caution is advised during installation to prevent the occurrence of any damages.


Whether installed above or underneath the ground, our containers show remarkable resistance to different weather conditions and environmental elements. To ensure maximum safety and efficiency, containers must be installed on a steady flat surface and in accordance with the specified instructions.


  • Our multipurpose containers are designed to provide an ideal solution for various requirements. They may be used for:

  • Drinking water

  • Sewage

  • Fuel

  • Industrial chemicals and dyes

  • Fertilizers

  • Food industry purposes

Horizontal Containers (Oval)

Our horizontal containers are excellent trailer-mounted water tanks, and are also suitable for stationary application. The oval-shaped tanks are equipped with molded-in legs for optimal support; designed to endure tough outdoor conditions; and manufactured from food-grade polyethylene resins with UV inhibitors to ensure maximum durability, reliability and efficiency.

Jumbo Containers

Our jumbo water tanks are highly versatile portable containers; ideal for long-term drinking water storage, rainwater harvest, emergency backup for home water tanks, fire suppression and garden irrigation. 

Cylindrical Tanks

Our cylindrical water tanks are molded from 100% polyethylene resins that are FDA approved, making them safe for storing drinking water for human consumption. Available in various colors including blue, green, white and tan, in addition to customized colors upon request.

Large Tanks

Cylindrical water tanks make 100% of FDA-approved PET resins, used to store drinking water, collect rainwater, and reservoirs in homes, factories and farms, and can be buried underground as a cesspit. The cabinets are available in different colors, including blue, green and white, as well as customized colors.


At Unitex, our goal is to provide our customers with premium services that effectively meet their requirements.


For further inquiries or recommendations, please contact us at +962 6 4050678 or simply fill out the below form:

Head Office

Amman - Jordan 
Al Muwaqar – Al Hatemiyah Intersection.

P.O. Box : 370 - 11621
Email : sales@unitexjordan.com

Tel:   +962 6 4050678
Fax:  +962 6 4050679
Mob: +962 79 5653799

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United Plastic Containers (Unitex) is a leading ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of a diverse range of plastic products that cater to the needs of varied market sectors including industrial, traffic safety, agriculture and gardening. Since its establishment in 1993, Unitex has been supplying local and regional market with optimal quality products manufactured using the latest technologies and equipment, in accordance with stringent safety standards and timely customer service.

Production lines


  • Fuel and chemical containers

  • Silos

  • Plastic roadblocks ‘Jersey road barriers’ of different weights- may be filled with water or sand

  • Traffic safety cones

  • Waste disposal containers

  • Water containers - up to three layers

  • Flower pots